With those illustrious words, so began Phetnikone Nokham’s career as a designer.

“I was a student at Massachusetts College of Art-and like most people with a creative heart and a logical mind, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Painting and sculpting weren’t really viable, so I “settled” on a career in fashion.”

What Phetnikone saw as a choice at the time turned out to be her calling.


Since graduating from Massart in 1997, her work as graced many a store and body in the Boston area. Her fashions and accessories have been featured at Greta Lux (Wellesley, Ma), Fire Opal (Brookline, MA), as well as good (Beacon Hill), a Boston boutique Phetnikone helped establish in 2001 and managed for four years. Her designs are currently featured at Turtle in the South End.

An evolving mix of elegance and individuality, her designs draw on a range of inspirations from classical paintings to surrealism and designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcon. Every Phetnikone Nokham piece is entirely handmade in her small studio in Somerville using eclectic materials and fabrics.